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To improve patient safety by educating patients and families on the importance of finding their voices.


The Four I's:


INSPIRE others to be active/involved members of their care.


INNOVATE educational resources and opportunities to improve patient safety.


INFORM others about patient safety through individual stories, social media, resources, and scholarships.


IMPROVE  patient outcomes and healthcare for all involved.












In June of 2013, Victoria went to five healthcare providers in three days, seeking assistance for swelling in her face and neck, difficulty breathing, and discomfort eating and drinking. This experience was the beginning of a personal mission and opened her eyes to the significance of patient safety in healthcare. The fifth healthcare provider visit was to the emergency room. After waiting for six hours, Victoria was diagnosed with Ludwig’s Angina, after four misdiagnoses. She was rushed into emergency surgery, placed on life support, and put into a medically induced coma for the three days to follow. If she had not had been her own advocate, she would not be here today.












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